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The release of this song was a HUGE hit because it was not only played on the radio daily, but it was used for movies, and television shows. Taylor Swift’s release of Wildest Dreams was released in 2014 as a single. This song was a complete different side of Taylor because this song featured moreContinue reading “Dreamy”


This post consists of an interview “Q&A” style with a close friend who is also a fan of Taylor Swift’s work. Question: What is your favorite Taylor Swift album and why? “My favorite has got to be her sixth studio album Reputation. Many might disagree with my choice because it is not like quote onContinue reading “Interview”


One thing many love about the “Old Taylor” is she is known for her love story, and sappy songs that many would pretend it was written for them. Taylor Swift’s album Speak Now is one of her earlier albums where she kept that country flare in her music but incorporated more of a pop styleContinue reading “✨Enchanted✨”

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