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A Taylorable Blog

Confessions of a

Taylor Swift listening addict

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Knowing Champagne All Too Well

The final two songs of my Taylorable playlist are my two favorite tracks ever released by Taylor Swift. I chose these two to be together because they both correlate together and have significance even though one is from 2012 and one is from 2020. The track champagne problems was released in Swift’s most recent album…

Call It What You Want

Once again Taylor really pulled all her strings in the album Reputation. The album was a drastic change from her country and pop flare she has been flaunting for years and it really shows in the track, Call It What You Want. This song was actually released as a single prior to the album release.…

A Hoax

With the worldwide pandemic, it forced many to isolate themselves from the world including Taylor. She took advantage of the mandatory quarantine and wrote. Writing songs made Swift feel at peace and by not having all of the pressure from the outside world it creates a personal bubble for songwriting. She spent all of quarantine…